Teachers' Area

This virtual space gives teachers who share common grounds a forum and a repository for ongoing learner-centered professional development to meet curriculum goals. Through the forum, they will discuss common interests and devise ways to solve shared problems. These teachers, hereafter referred to as the virtual community of practice (VCoP), will focus mainly on designing instruction to take learners from lower-order thinking skills to higher-order thinking skills to meet specific curriculum goals based on Bloom's Taxonomy and SOLO Taxonomy. The pool of resources will be accessible to all members of the VCoP. Once the local site is well established, other TWGHs schools could join the VCoP and eventually extend it to other local schools.

Initially, the focus is on Writing skills, with development of grammar and vocabulary in context based on the thematic modules in the syllabus. Currently, the work space for collaboration for the Writing and Oral groups is GoogleDocs, from where collaboratively constructed resources will be transferred to the English Beyond the Classroom site for common use. In the long term, this collaboration and cooperation is expected to improve language proficiency and exam scores.

Students who are joining activities organised by the SALL Centre will also be supported through this. These students will be entering competitions like debating, speech festival events, creative writing, projects, ePortfolios, etc.

"Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."


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