• Wu Sau Wai, Lisa (Panel Head)

    I am the Class Teacher of 2B. Most of the students in my classes are great. They show enthusiasm for learning and a keen interest in the language. I feel grateful to have them this year.

    My hobbies are reading (especially in nice, cozy cafes), traveling and playing the piano.

  • Fung, Maisy (Deputy Panel Head)

    This year, I am the Class Teacher of 3A.

    Every academic year is a new start for me, as well my students. I am happy to find that most of them become more mature after the summer holiday. I hope all my students can develop a positive attitude towards learning English and enjoy my English lessons.

  • Wei Shui Ching, Doris

    This year, I am the Class Teacher of 3D. I hope all of the students can cooperate and work hard in the coming year.

    I like reading during my free time. I hope my students can also enjoy reading because it is fun and it can help you to improve your English.

  • Leung Mo Lin, Carmen

    I have been teaching English Language since the 1980s. In the mid-'90s, I started teaching Putonghua after qualifying to teach this subject. Although I teach both English and Putonghua, I get the same satisfaction because both of these are common and important languages in the world.

    I am the Class Teacher of 1C this year. I am also the teacher-in-charge of the Environmental Protection Society. I am involved in Earth Citizens, a Green Education Programme organised by TWGHs for TWGHs Schools. The activities we run include Eco Week to promote awareness of carbon reduction, vegetarian diet, energy saving, recycling and water saving. I also organise visits to Green Facilities.

  • Chan Wai Ling, Alice

    Hello, everyone! I am the Class Teacher of 1B. I am also responsible for organising various activities related to Moral, Civic Education & National Education for the students of LCDMC. Guess what my interests are? I like reading and doing yoga. I am also a dog lover. I have three dogs! Their names are Jo Jo, Miu Miu and Chocolate. I love them so much!

  • Yau Fung Nei, Fanny

    Do you see the pictures of our Drama Club activities last year? They're unforgettable moments for the members. This year I continue developing our Drama Club and assist with the Toastmasters Club activities. I find that new duties widen my horizon and give me new insights. It's interesting to learn through fun activities. I hope I can help my students to do so. Of course, I need to teach most of the time.

    I am the Class Teacher of 2D. Therefore I also need to do a lot of homework – preparation and marking. At weekends, I like to go jogging in the park or swimming. This helps me relax and get recharged for another busy week.

  • Lam Kar Yin, Marco

    Hi, everyone. I'm the Class Teacher of 1D. I like taking photos and listening to music. My favourite singer is Olivia Ong. At weekends, I usually have a walk in Central with my wife.

  • Chan Chi Chung, Sammy

    Hello! After teaching few years of AL UE syllabus, I am teaching the NSS curriculum and I am the Class Teacher of 2A. Being one of the teacher advisors of the English Drama Club, I like sharing fun and games with my students – word games, drama activities, prose reading, etc. Let's make our teaching and learning fun!

  • Wong Wing Yee, Michelle

    Hi, everyone! I'm happy to share something about myself with you all. This academic year, I'm the Class Teacher of 2C. It's my pleasure to meet my students as they are energetic and obedient. In my spare time, I go shopping, play badminton and listen to pop music. My favourite singer is Eason Chan. English was my favourite subject while at school. I hope all of you can also enjoy learning English.

  • Leung, Rita

    I am the Class Teacher of 3B this year. Most students know me because I am one of the discipline teachers and whenever I talk to them, they feel that they are getting into trouble. This is the worst part of my work experience, in fact.

    I enjoy working with students in English and to be honest, I also learn a lot from my students. Most of our students are lively and optimistic. It is interesting to note that many of them change significantly with a goal to achieve when they go up to F4. They work harder and they concentrate better in lessons. At present, we are working together to meet the challenges of the HKDSE. I wish them every success in the coming examinations.

  • Tam Tsoi Ying, Zabrina

    I am a new teacher here at LCDMC. This academic year, I am the Class Teacher of 1A. Most of the students are witty and smart; some show enthusiasm for learning English and interest in the lessons. Hope to see them feel more comfortable and have more confidence in using English inside and outside the classroom.

  • Jayaprakash, Lata (NET)

    I have been teaching as a NET at LCDMC since September 2010. After teaching young adults at higher secondary and sub-degree levels for 18 years, being with lower form students is a welcome change.

    I teach all classes in the school, support the Seed Project, Multimedia Tasking (MmT), offer an IELTS preparation course, and develop interactive educational games to play online and face to face.

    An e-learning advocate with research interests in instructional design for technology-enabled learning and virtual community of practice, I am exploring ways to exploit learning technologies to enrich and enhance learning and teaching, while developing new literacies.

    My leisure pursuits include reading, watching comedies and inspiring video clips on the web, baking, cake decorating, listening to music and playing the guitar. During longer breaks, travelling to see the world or simply hiking in the countryside is something I look forward to.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."


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